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Littleton, NH
ACE Nutrition
Kellie is a Precision Nutrition L1 & 2 /Eat to Perform certified body recomp specialist with a specialty in weight loss and sports performance. She has worked with many of our athletes in their quest for fat loss, strength gain, and over-all general health. By utilizing nutrient timing & teaching the correct way to eat for your particular body type and goals, she will teach you how to use food to enhance performance in your sport. 

We offer different types of Nutrition packages to suit each person's needs.
Nutrition Programming Options:

Nutrition Consult $50 - Consists of an over-view of your goals and your current diet, as well as going over ways to improve your diet to help you reach your health/fitness goals.

Monthly Recurring + 4 Week Nutrition Plan $100/month 
- Nutrition consult + a 4 week nutrition program to follow.
-Unlimited email/texts/phone calls if help is needed with your nutrition plan. 
-You will be expected to check in weekly with information requested by Kellie, and your nutrition plan will be shaped on a week to week basis.

3 Month Nutrition Program & Counseling $290
- 1 Nutrition consult
-Unlimited email/text/phone calls if help is needed with your nutrition plan.
-With this plan, you will check in with Kellie once per week with your weekly weight and details on your adherence to your nutrition plan. We may make changes to your nutrition plan throughout the 3 months to help you accomplish your goals. 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kellie at:   ACEnutrition14@yahoo.com or 802-535-5174 

*Nutrition plans purchased are non-refundable